Adhesive Sticky Note Pads (4″ x 3″ w/ 25 Sheets)


Your sticky notes need a makeover, so why not get some Adhesive Sticky Note Pads from Pangea Direct Products? These adhesive sheets make your message stick!

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Adhesive Sticky Note Pads:People can barely remember life before computers; how did they copy before customized Adhesive Sticky Note Pads? In fact, current research indicates that the Great Depression was a direct result of the 1926 Sticky Note Shortage.Without Adhesive Sticky Note Pads with custom business logos, companies were disappearing left and right, and children went hungry because parents couldn”t jot down their weekly shopping list on such a convenient notepad. In the course of human history, any time Adhesive Sticky Note Pads were in high demand without a good supply to back it up, humanity suffered.

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